The California department of public health recommends Face Shields with Drapes on bottom edge for those who cannot wear a face mask Face-It Shields are packaged and shipped in a cases of 100 and should be used with every mercury amalgam filling removal. The OM-18000 disposable Face-It Shield with Drape covers the full face with shield dimensions that are 9 inches long by 13 inches wide and features a short (7 inch) fluid barrier fabric below the standard shield for added protection. The Face-It Shield with Drape is ideal for dental personnel to use as an added barrier from mercury contaminated particulate matter generated during the removal of amalgam fillings. Face-It Shields are comfortable to wear, with an elastic band to secure the disposable Face-It Shield and a foam forehead pad to provide comfort during use. New inventory arrives December 21st. Or you can order our Face Shields with addon drapes which are IN STOCK NOW!