As a medical professional, you’ve dedicated your career to the health of your patients, but what about your own health & safety? Protecting yourself from viruses, bacteria, toxic mercury exposures and all forms of biological matter starts with knowledge. Dental Safety Solutions mission is to educate dental professionals about their occupational safety requirements to protect employees from hazards and provide resources for OSHA compliance, including safety equipment.

HealthyAir Oral Aerosol Capture of viruses, mercury & particles

DentAir Vac - At Source Mercury Filtration

Respirator Fit Testing
Kits & Training Video

Respirator Fit Test Kit

Online Respirator
Medical Evaluations

Online Medical Evaluation

N95 Particulate Respirator – Disposable – NIOSH approved

N95 Particulate Respirator – Disposable – NIOSH approved

Protective Face Shields
with Hanging Drapes

Face Shields with Drapes

Disposable Anti-Fog
Face Shields

Disposable Anit-Fog Face Shields

Face Shields that
Accommodate Loupes

Adjustable Visor Extended Face-Shield Kit

Protective Septa Shield
Accommodates Lights & Loupes

Septa Shield Protection

OSHA Respiratory
Protection Program

OSHA Compliance

Respiratory Protection
and Filters

Respiratory Protection Packages

Patient Protection
Packages for SMART

SMART Patient Protection Packages

Personal Protection
Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment

Biflo Nasal Masks
for Patient Protection

Biflo Nasal Masks

Amalgam Separators
Line Cleaners

Amalgam Separators

Mercury Particulate
Clean-up Wipes

Mercury Particulate Clean-up Wipes

Real time Air Monitoring
for Mercury Vapor

Air Monitoring for Mercury

We aim to simplify compliance by offering all required OSHA respiratory protection training and documentation for respirator use. Additionally, we provide a wide variety of mercury-safe equipment packages that ensure employees and dental patients are adequately protected from harmful aerosols and toxic mercury exposures during the removal of amalgam fillings.

“What I have valued most about our relationship is that Dental Safety Solutions has provided me with easy to implement, affordable solutions that keep me and my staff safe and OSHA compliant.”

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