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As a dental professional, you’ve dedicated your career to the health of your patients, but what about your own health & safety? Protecting yourself from viruses, bacteria, toxic mercury exposures and all forms of biological matter starts with knowledge. Dental Safety Solutions mission is to educate dental professionals about their occupational safety requirements to protect employees from hazards and provide resources for OSHA compliance, including safety equipment.

  • The next round of inventory for the HealthyAir® Oral Aerosol Vacuum will start shipping on July 6th. Please expect a few weeks for delivery from the time you place your order. This is based on our best projection and events beyond our control may delay these dates. The HealthyAir® Oral Aerosol Vacuum & Air Purification System is the leader in protecting dental professionals from harmful aerosols. As contaminated air passes through the HealthyAir® Source Capture, the Pre-Filter, eHEPA® Filter, and Enhanced Carbon Catalytic Filter work in conjunction to capture ultra fine air borne particles and microorganisms, including virus, bacteria, mold, gasses, dust, smoke, allergens, odors, and VOCs, as well as mercury particulate and vapors. The unit ships with a 5'-6" hose. These units can be converted to an outside ventilation unit with the provided hardware. The HealthyAir® Oral Aerosol Vacuum & Air Purification System also has an enhanced carbon catalytic filter which enables the system to be used for the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) to capture harmful mercury vapors and mercury particulate that are released during the removal of amalgam fillings. More information can be found in our comprehensive FAQ below. Again, all HealthyAir oral aerosol vacuum units ship as recycled air units, but can be converted into outside vented units at your convenience.
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    Septa Shield Kit

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    The Septa Shield Kit protects dentists who are at risk from exposure to aerosols, biological matter and mercury contaminated particles generated during the removal of amalgam fillings. Even with all engineering controls some particulate matter will escape collection devices. This unique, reusable shield protects the face and neck from splashes, sprays and abrasions. The Septa Shield Kit is durable, long lasting and made of a lightweight polycarbonate shield that weighs 7.9 oz, has a 2mm thickness and is 12 inches high. The comfortable fit provides air circulation for long wear. The shield is held in place by an adjustable, Velcro strap. One size fits all.
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    Honeywell Uvex Bionic Black Matte Dual Position Headgear features a clear anti-fog hard coated polycarbonate Faceshield and a built-in chin guard. The lightweight shield has a technologically advanced design which endures airborne debris, splash from biological matter and mercury contaminated particulate matter (generated during the removal of amalgam fillings). It is highly adjustable and comes with dual position choices. The excellent optics of the headgear offers increased visibility and is worn comfortably with most loupes, lights, goggles, glasses and / or respirators. The Faceshield is attached securely and features a cell foam on the rear side of the headgear. It also includes a breathable, removable, washable headband. Made in the USA.
    • 3M 6000 series full face respirator in either small, medium or large
    • 2 mercury vapor cartridges with removable N95 particulate filters (one pair)
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    • OPTIONAL Mercury Particulate Wipes

HealthyAir Oral Aerosol Vacuum for mercury, virus & ultra fine particles

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We aim to simplify compliance by offering all required OSHA respiratory protection training and documentation for respirator use. Additionally, we provide a wide variety of mercury-safe equipment packages that ensure employees and dental patients are adequately protected from harmful aerosols and toxic mercury exposures during the removal of amalgam fillings.

“What I have valued most about our relationship is that Dental Safety Solutions has provided me with easy to implement, affordable solutions that keep me and my staff safe and OSHA compliant.”

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