Randall Moore is a distinguished filmmaker whose profound impact extends beyond the screen into the realm of public health and occupational safety. Known for his keen eye for detail and dedication to uncovering overlooked truths, Moore has made a significant mark with his Oscar-qualifying documentary, “Evidence of Harm.” This pivotal film delves into the often-ignored dangers of mercury dental fillings, shedding light on the risks they pose not only to patients but also to dental professionals and the environment. Through a compelling narrative and rigorous investigative journalism, Moore’s work has sparked a crucial dialogue about health and safety in dental practices.

Driven by the revelations and insights gained during the making of “Evidence of Harm,” Moore embarked on a journey to deepen his commitment to safeguarding public health. He pursued and earned a certification as a Specialist in Safety and Health, specializing in OSHA compliance training, which applied and tailored for dental professionals. This certification marks a significant pivot in Moore’s career, where his passion for filmmaking and advocacy for health safety converge.

To further his mission, Moore founded Dental Safety Solutions, a company dedicated to bridging the gap between knowledge and practice in dental safety. Through this venture, he provides essential OSHA compliance training and equips dental offices with the necessary tools and safety equipment to minimize mercury exposure during routine dental procedures. Dental Safety Solutions stands as a testament to Moore’s innovative approach to combining his filmic storytelling with actionable solutions for health and safety in the dental industry.

Randall Moore’s journey from a filmmaker to a health and safety advocate highlights his versatile talent and unwavering commitment to making a difference. His work not only informs and educates but also transforms dental practices for the better, ensuring a safer environment for both dental staff and patients. Moore’s dedication to his craft and his cause has positioned him as a notable figure in both the film industry and the field of occupational health.