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    Get a good grip and an excellent fit. Textured fingertips allow you to work with ease and confidence. Easy-to-don beaded cuffs provide greater strength and durability. Nitrile, synthetic rubber construction eliminates the possibility of latex-oriented allergic reactions. Long, 9 1/2-inch ambidextrous design. Style: Disposable; Wrist Style: Beaded Cuff; Material(s): Nitrile; Color(s): Purple.
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    Derma-Max: 8 mil Nitrile, Disposable 12″ Gloves – 50/box

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    Derma-Max powder-free nitrile exam grade disposable gloves are 8 mil thick for durability and 12" in length for added protection and are sold 50 gloves per box. Textured fingers allows for a superior grip of pneumatic tools. Gloves are non-latex and provide excellent sensitivity. Derma-Max provides protection for dentists' hands, which are closest to the source of mercury exposure when removing mercury dental fillings. Mercury can be absorbed by the skin, thus your hands must be adequately protected. Since mercury passes through latex and thin nitrile gloves more easily, only 6-mil and higher nitrile gloves should be used. Additionally many mercury-safe dentists apply Hgx Cream to their nitrile gloves for added protection against mercury particulate.
  • HgX Hand Cream and Cleaner 12oz jar

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    HgX® Hand Cream and Cleaner is especially made for those handling metallic mercury and mercurials. HgX® hand cream and cleaner is available in convenient 12 oz. jars, and should be used as an aid in industrial mercury hygiene daily routines.