• This MSA Comfo 815185 Metallic Mercury Vapor and Chlorine cartridge with P100 particulate filter is designed to provide great protection and is fully approved by NIOSH. The P100 filter is 99.97% efficient against all particulate aerosols. The Comfo 815185 cartridge has a threaded connection type and is built to fit the MSA Ultra and Comfo respirator series. These cartridges are sold in box of 3 pair.
  • The MSA Mersorb P100 Advantage® Respirator Cartridge is compatible with Advantage® series air purifying respirator is designed to give protection against chlorine and mercury vapors. When used with a P100 prefilter it offers extra protection against all particulates.  Provide lightweight, low-profile performance. Cartridges fit Advantage® 200 LS and 420 half-masks, and 1000, 3000, and 4000 series full-facepiece respirators. This respirator cartridge is rendered with a bayonet-style design for quick mounting which locks into place with one twist.
  • Quantity per package = 2. The 3M™ 60929s mercury vapor cartridge, P100 particulate filter combo is NIOSH approved and has been designed for use with 3M™ 6000, 6500, 7500 half mask series and the FF-400, 6000 and 7800 full face series of respirators. The 60929s protects against mercury vapor & particulates. The swept-back design allows an enhanced field of view and comfort. If you have not performed a Hazard Assessment to determine your filter change out schedule, 3M recommends changing the 60927 within 50 hours of exposure to mercury vapor, in accordance to your well-documented change-out schedule, or earlier if smell, taste, or irritation from contaminants is detected.