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    Insti-Dam Latex-Free (20pk)

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    Save time and money with our no hassle Insti-Dam. The Insti-dam is ready to go with a pre-punched hole and built in flexible frame.
    • Built-in flexible frame saves time and is no hassle.
    • 1/2" offset pre-punched hole makes positioning easy
    • Compact design fits outside patients lips, non-threatening and comfortable for patients
    • Radiographs may be taken without removing the rubber dam by folding it to the side
    • Single use only
    • Comes pre-assembled
    • Dimensions: 4-1/4" Diameter
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    Sanctuary Powder-Free Non Latex 6″x6″ Medium Dental Dams (15 qty)

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    Sanctuary Powder Free Non-Latex Dental Dam is fabricated using synthetic polyisoprene. It is 100% latex-free and non-toxic, eliminating the possibility of latex-related allergic reactions. This dental dam is also powder-free, mint scented and has a purple color for good contrast. Sanctuary Powder Free Non-Latex Dental Dam is available in 6″x 6″ sheets, packaged in 15-count boxes.