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  • At a compact 13.5″ X 19″, the LibertyBOSS offers a unique ergonomic design allows complete installation flexibility – wall, floor or central installation mounts. Installation is fast, maintenance is simplified, and down-time is only minutes. A detachable self-contained unit means you get a new unit at every service life interval – this means no leaking cartridges, no messy in-house decanting, no mercury spills, no mercury vapor, and no environmental or OSHA infractions. The unit is certified at greater than 99% separation (ISO 11143 and ADA). The LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator Kit comes with plumbing and quick connect installation parts as well as one bottle of PowerLINZ line cleaner. 

    $265.00 or $238.50 / year
    M.A.R.S.’ LINZ program is a combination of one bottle of CleanLINZ, (an aggressive system) and two bottles of PowerLINZ, (a maintenance system.) This way we can control the reduction of the bio film and not flood your evac-u-trap, amalgam separator or pipe unions with released sludge. CleanLINZ breaks down and digests organic waste through the entire evacuation system which restores vacuum suction to its maximum capacity. The proprietary formula of bacteria colonizes through the evacuation system. PowerLINZ is fast and effective. Our formulation controls the rapid bacterial build-up inside the suction lines along with the amalgam separator and is especially created for your “BOSS”.
  • Allegro® Alcohol-Free Respirator Wipe Pads, 100/Box

    $15.00 or subscribe and save up to 2.5%
    Allegro® Alcohol-Free Respirator Wipe Pads clean respirators, eliminating dirt, perspiration and hazards. For respirators worn by more than one person, these moist towelettes can be used between wearers for hygiene and sanitary protection. Each disposable wipe is sealed in its own protective wrapper for maximum freshness and moistness. The wipe pads easily clean away lint and light dirt and contain no alcohol or harsh chemicals. Wall-mountable acrylic dispenser, sold separately
  • HgX® Hand Cream and Cleaner is especially made for those handling metallic mercury and mercurials. HgX® hand cream and cleaner is available in convenient 12 oz. jars, and should be used as an aid in industrial mercury hygiene daily routines.
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    $140.00 or $133.00 / year
    PowerLINZ features a fresh, mint scent, is 100% biodegradable, and its unique precision-balanced chemistry kills bacteria in your dental water system. Perfect for your staff’s safety, your equipment’s longevity, and the environment’s protection. PowerLINZ services 2 chairs per year. A 4 chair practice with 2 Dentist/2 Hygienists would use 1 LINZ 3 Pack and 1 PowerLINZ.