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    The DAV VII Turbo+ Oral Aerosol Vacuum reduces harmful mercury vapor and mercury particulate matter from reaching the breathing zone of employees.
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    HealthyAir® Integrated Filter Module

    $250.00 or $225.00 every 2 months
    Couple advanced eHEPA® technology with proven Enhanced Carbon Catalytic Filtration to treat contaminated air in a multi-stage process that captures and removes harmful molecular air pollutants and microscopic airborne particles, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), other hazardous gases and particulate, bacteria, virus, mold, fungi, odors and mercury. The Series 1111 Integrated Filter Module increases operational efficiency and ease-of-use by integrating each element of the patented HealthyAir® 3-stage air purification process in a single filter module. This filter should ideally be replaced at 400 hours of use (estimated every 6 months), depending on the nature and frequency of use.
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    The listing here exhibits our standard length replacement hose for the HealthyAir® Source Capture System.
    For Portable Unit:
    • Hose Length including Hood = 5'-6"
    • Hose Diameter = 3"