DAV VII Turbo+ Oral Aerosol Evacuation System


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The DAV VII Turbo+ Oral Aerosol Vacuum reduces harmful mercury vapor and mercury particulate matter from reaching the breathing zone of employees.

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Product Description

DAV VII Turbo+ Oral Aerosol Evacuation System includes a Variable Speed Fan Motor Controller for reduced decibel levels while using as a whole room air purifier, a fully sealed Pre/HEPA/Charcoal Filter Pack for easier maintenance and a Patent Pending 4” – 3” – 5.5” five foot long Intake Hose Assembly designed to increase air intake cfm while maintaining higher velocities similar to that of the 3” – 5.5” standard DAV intake hose.

Oral Aerosol Specifications and Warranty

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty, as long as at least one of each filter is replaced yearly, the warranty extends another year
  • Removes airborne particulate down to 0.3 microns @ 99% efficiency
  • Captures aerosols from air abrasion, wet grinding, amalgam removals, composite adjustments, drill aerosols, VOCs
  • 770 cfm, centrifugal, backward curved fan motor completely recycles your operatory air up to 12 times per hour
  • HEPA certified filtration performance rated to 0.3 micron
  • Original hands-free “At Source” adjustable 3″ diameter, 5 ft intake hose with expanded 5″ opening for greater laminar flow
  • Activated and chemically treated granulated carbon for mechanical and chemical reduction of odors and vapors
  • Specially blended carbon for mercury vapor containment during amalgam placement and removal procedures
  • Compact design: 12″ (W) x 12″ (L) x 15″ (H), weighs only 35 pounds
  • Heavy duty casters for greater mobility
  • Whisper quiet 68 dB noise level operation
  • Standard motor rated at 580 cfm @ 60 hz, Turbo motor rated at 770 cfm @ 60 hz
  • Configured for domestic 110V, 60 hz foreign 220V, 50 hz
  • All components UL or CSA Approved
  • Durable “no scratch” powder-coat baked enamel finish, heavy duty all steel construction
  • Advanced four stage filtration system including moisture intake liner, prefilter, HEPA filter and granulated carbon filter
  • Manufactured in The USA

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